Industrial Equipment Design


Industrial products may lack glamour, but well designed products developed by CobaltNiche are also uncompromising in their user-focussed functionality.

Industrial products include a broad spread of tools, commercial and capitol equipment. Whether they are electonically controlled or simply hand operated, industrial products must work day in, day out. But performance-orientated functionality does not mean user needs, human factors, materials and process innovation and distinctive branding are not important as well.

CobaltNiche's philosophy of accountable, results-driven design and engineering is insynch with our clients' industrial products. Our experience in this area include:

  • Handheld tool design (plumbing crimpers)
  • Industrial electronic measurement tools
  • Datalogging instruments
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Laser measurement devices

If you have any enquiry about a new industrial product, please use our Express Proposal form or directly contact Warwick Brown (Industrial Product Design Principal) on 61 3 9320 2200.


Based in Australia, Cobalt Niche is a globally focused creative product design and development group. We operate locally as well as Asia, North America and Europe.

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