Medical and Science Device Design

Science & Medical

CobaltNiche has broad experience in the development of successful scientific instruments, medical devices and biotechnology equipment sold throughout the world.

Within this segment we work with both start-ups and major manufacturers including Varian (Agilent), Leica, Heartsine Technologies and Siemens.

Our service includes strategic industrial design and product engineering from ‘breadboard’ through to production-ready specification. Typically we work with our clients and take their core technology to create high-performance, user-focussed and highly desirable equipment.

Medical technology biotech and scientific instruments represent the kind of low-volume, high value export products that suits ‘smart’ design and manufacturing.

Our approach for innovation and product success is to discover and meet unmet user expectations. We do this through observation and a strong knowledge of the issues around technology-driven medical and scientific devices.

If you have an enquiry about scientific instrument or medical device development, please use our Express Proposal form or directly contact Steve Martinuzzo (Scientific and Medical Design Principal) on 61 3 9320 2200.


Based in Australia, Cobalt Niche is a globally focused creative product design and development group. We operate locally as well as Asia, North America and Europe.

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