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Sports & Leisure

The sports and leisure products sector has a proven resilience within mature markets like Australia, the US and EU.

More than other categories, sports, recreational and leisure products are particularly responsive to fashion and innovation, and more importantly able to command passion and premium like few other products.

At the retail level these products can experience enormous popularity and profit margin by being well designed and targeted. For elite or recreation sports, performance is often the driver that makes these products almost mandatory to both occasional and serious competitors. CobaltNiche understands how to apply the best design, engineering and computer-aided modelling techniques to create irresistible sports and leisure products.

CobaltNiche's track record in successful sports design includes:

  • Next generation football boots which deliver quantifiable performance improvement
  • Microtechnnology: GPS and electronic measurement devices for elite team and snow sports
  • Footwear design for dance and urban wear
  • Clever, life-saving scuba diving clip
  • Smart, powered golf buggy control interface
  • Quality range of home-gym treadmills, from entry-level to premium models

If you have an enquiry about new sports or leisure product development, please use our Express Proposal form or directly contact Jack Magree (Sports Design Principal) on 61 3 9320 2200.


Based in Australia, Cobalt Niche is a globally focused creative product design and development group. We operate locally as well as Asia, North America and Europe.

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