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CobaltNiche has many years of experience designing interiors and exteriors of public transport, specialised vehicles and automotive parts.

Public transport rolling stock, as with all commercial vehicles have unique and tough requirements. These vehicles work hard; day in, day out and it is absolutely critical that they perform reliably over a long life. Also important is service delivery to all stakeholders, be they franchise operators, public or special passengers, drivers or maintenance crews.

Some key issues we consider when developing transport solutions include

  • Vehicle capacity, loading and dwell times
  • Passenger, pedestrian safety
  • Passenger comfort and amenities
  • Drivers cab ergonomics
  • Livery, branding and information systems
  • Transport seating
  • Regulatory compliance (incl railway codes) and structural analysis
  • Interior finishes/fabrics
  • Vandal resistance
  • Maintenance, cleaning, water ingress

Whether for refurbishment or new-build vehicles, CobaltNiche has experienced in-house transport design and engineering to deliver leading transportation design solutions

CobaltNiche also has a strong background in automotive component design especially in supporting major Tier 1 suppliers such as Robert Bosch, Siemens-VDO (now Continental) and AAPL. In these cases we provide a design bridge between the auto manufacturers and the supplier or additional engineering resources to achieve tight deadlines.

If you have an enquiry about transportation design or engineering development, please use our Express Proposal form or directly contact Jack Magree (Transport Design Principal) on 61 3 9320 2200



Based in Australia, Cobalt Niche is a globally focused creative product design and development group. We operate locally as well as Asia, North America and Europe.

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